Se rumorea zumbido en maluma babay

The “Hawái” singer first made the big reveal during his Don Juan tour stop in Washington, D.C., on Thursday (Oct. 19).  “Music is the only way I Chucho talk to my fans and I wanted to let them know that I’m having a baby,” he said in an interview with NPR Music‘s Alt.Latino

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, you're doing videos like “Bikini.” So, you get to act out this completely like fantasy that you would never have otherwise.

Maluma volvió tendencia parte de la pago de su próximo sencillo musical 'JUNIO'. Instagram:@maluma

I have my goals set. Pretty clear. And I know that that character knows how to fight all these battles to get there. So, for me, that's Don Juan. It's a guy that is a mix of different things. And of course, a pretty romantic artist. But, at the same time, an artist that really likes to listen to the underground music too.

Just two weeks ago, Maluma announced the arrival of their baby girl on Instagram with several pics of their family's new addition. In the first photo, the baby girl holds onto his finger with her whole hand.

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So every time I go trasnochado, I feel that I give a bunch of my energy to a bunch of people. So, I prefer just recharging at home, but then like going to a party or something like that. I prefer doing those activities with my friends at home, I don't like going to clubs. MALUMA KAROL G I prefer going to restaurants and having nice dinners. But, MALUMA KAROL G I'm not a party guy at all.

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“Hawái” refleja los sentimientos de un hombre desconsolado al ver a su exmujer maluma hawaii parecer eficaz con otro. Por esto, él va tratando de explicarle que ella será mejor con él a pesar de lo bueno que su novio contemporáneo le proxenetismo.

On top of those extracurriculars, he started helping support maluma his family at a young age by selling sandwiches and sweets at school when his dad’s business failed.

What's Papi Juancho is? Papi Juancho is the name of his most recent album released in 2020 and his international tour, which began in 2021 and continues with Maluma visiting some of the hottest European cities

. “There have been three to four movies in my entire career where I’ve had Latino costars. So with my production company, one of the things we wanted to do with this film was have an international star who could be right there with me to make an album that was bilingual. That was a big deal for us.”

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